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Culinary diversity and authentic place

Opened four years ago in the building of former presbitary of Cajarc, small beautiful village of Lot (Midi-Pyrénnées), the restaurant l'Allée des Vignes, entirely created by Evgenia and Claude-Emmanuel Robin, proposes an original concept to discover in two principal timelaps.

With a Bistronomic formula available at the lunchtime during weekdays (exclure sunday lunch), the restaurant offers a typically french cuisine combined with modernity and tradition.

For the Gastronomic side, second cooking identity of l'Allée des Vignes is available in the evening and sunday at lunchtime, dishes of fine cuisine are available in diferent sizes: taster, starter or main-course. The perfect way to compose freely a menu according to your appetite.

Selection of wines of the private cellar, Les 120 de l’Allée, will associate your culinary choice with beautiful south-west references and others "cuvées"  from France and foreign countries .

 L’Allée des Vignes reveals at each season its diversity and culinary creativity. 


For lunchexcepted Sundays


For dinerand Sunday lunchtimes


120 wine referencesfor a culinary experience


A new Artistfor every new season